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Anjali, in the Vedic tradition , is the name of one of the 12 mudras.
A mudra or “finger yoga” is a position of the hands which aims to “seal” the energy flow which circulates within us.
Anjali Mudra is formed by joining the palms of the hands together. In this gesture, we link our spiritual and material parts, solar and lunar energy, feminine and masculine.

At Lã nollin , we consider that manual practices such as knitting, crochet or embroidery allow you to take time for yourself and anchor yourself in these moments of well-being and serenity.

These mittens are knitted with circular or double pointed needles in:
~ 2.5mm / US1.5

Intermediate level :
The Anjali mittens are knitted with 4 colors of our Merinos d'Arles. They are constructed in 1/1 rib, sometimes simple, sometimes two-tone.

Sizes :
~ 1
Height: 29cm/11.4"
width: 10cm/4"
Height: 26cm/10.2"
width: 10cm/4"

The kit contains:
~ A digital PDF of the pattern in English to make them.
~ The quantity of yarn needed to make it in 25g skeins Merino d'Arles

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