Our knitting and embroidery yarns are all 100% wool and naturally hand dyed.

Lã nollin's family

We are Sylvie and Johanna, a mother/daughter duo and we have decided to create together a small family business dedicated to embroidery and knitting wools hand dyed naturally ! We were both at a turning point of our lives so we decided to combine our strengths and our respective skills to carry out this beautiful woolly project. Lã nollin was born from our desire to develop a project close to us and our values, and that is why the workshop is located at Johanna's, in her house, in Isère. You can see that the colors and fiber work are her domain! As for Sylvie, after working for more than 30 years in the fashion press sector, she is responsible for everything related to management, administration and logistics.

Why Lã nollin ?

This name, taken from the word "lanolin", a natural grease with multiple benefits found in the wool of sheep, is split in two to echo our family history.

The word "Lã" in Portuguese, country of paternal origin of Johanna means 'wool' while Nollin is similar to the spelling of our family name.

You understand now, here we work at home and with family!

  • Sylvie

    For more than 30 years, I evolved professionally in the fashion press sector, working for a large American press group. Aware that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet, our natural dyeing project has become obvious. Ecological, ethical and responding to a real need for authenticity and a return to nature, our family project is also, for me, the beginning of a new adventure.

  • Johanna

    What drives me more than anything for the past ten years is wool: this fiber with incredible properties that can be transformed in a thousand different ways! It was during my studies in Textile Design in Brussels that I had the opportunity to experience all the aspects of this natural material and also to learn the basics of natural dyeing.

    However, it was only after graduation that I really dive into the dye pots. For a few years now, I have been experimenting and working with natural colors on different types of fibers. Knitting being the favorite technique, wool has become an obvious choice.

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