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This very strong embroidery thread is a very high quality lambswool combed and spun in northern Italy and dyed by hand with plants, here in our dyeing workshop in Isère. It has an exceptional shine for a 100% wool yarn.

This thread is suitable for all kinds of hand embroidery work. Even for darning, thanks to the superwash treatment which allows you to continue washing your mended garments in the washing machine at 30ºC.

This incredibly soft, shiny and light yarn can also be used for knitting alone with larger needles or a hook for a lace aspect or by doubling it. You can also use it for tapestry, weaving or lace.

Composition : 100% Merino Lambswool

Plant extract(s): Weld, indigo

Recommended needles: 2~3mm

Yarn Type: 2/24 UltraLace

Care : machine wash at 30ºC or by hand with neutral pH soap or mild organic shampoo ~ dry flat

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