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Rainbow Jasper

Rainbow Jasper

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This lightweight lace shawl created by Kieran Folley is inspired by the Rainbow Jasper stone! Polychrome jasper is formed by the accumulation of different chemical elements: silica, quartz, limestone, iron...

"This mineral mixture forms a stone with multiple and shimmering nuances. The colors and the texture are essential according to the distribution of the elements."

For this shawl, the accumulation of colored layers of stone are suggested by frequent color changes and clusters of increases and decreases.

This shawl is knitted with needles of  4mm / US6. 

Confirmed level: The techniques used are lace stitches, superimposed decreases and splices.

Size after blocking: 84 cm x 63 cm

To get the pattern directly from Kieran Folley's website, please follow this link: Rainbow Jasper pattern
To get the pattern directly from Ravelry, please follow this link: Rainbow Jasper Ravelry


The kit contains:

~ The amount of yarn needed to make it in 25m and 250m skeins of Crewel Lace


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